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Nearly 35% of Blacks in the USA are affected by CKD
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Chronic Kidney Disease Awareness

African Americans are at increased risk for chronic kidney disease (CKD). About 37 million American adults have CKD and most don’t even know it. Early detection and treatment can prevent complications from kidney disease. Understanding more about CKD—what is it, what the risk factors are, how the disease progresses, and how to find out if you have CKD—will help you protect your kidney health. 

Black Kidney Awareness, Resources, and Education
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Learn about chronic kidney disease (CKD) and how to prevent it or slow the progression if you already have CKD. Awareness and knowledge will empower you to take charge of your own care with your healthcare team.

Black K.A.R.E. Community Event

Black K.A.R.E. Kidney Lab