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National Trends & Services

A new area of interest was added to the national program in 1962. This component was designed to project the Links interest in public affairs, especially those which promote programs that impact the physical, mental, social, environmental and economic well-being of humankind improving self-determination thereby eliminating the reality and perception of second-class citizenship.

The vision of the National Trends and Services (NTS) Facet is to eliminate disparities by reducing barriers through advocacy, education, and service. The objective of this Facet is to implement programs that meet the needs of the people in our communities. National issues that the Beverly Hills West (CA) Chapter has focused on include but are not limited to educational access and utilization, get out the vote, total health and wellness, women transitioning from drugs, alcohol and abuse to work, community and personal economic growth, health literacy and health advocacy for the unserved and underserved communities, poverty and homelessness.

NTS Facet is building upon a solid foundation of services that enhances awareness, knowledge and understanding of physical, mental, environmental, social and economic issues as well as increase partnerships and other resources to support these issues and related needs of identified target populations.

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