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The Arts

The work of one of our cultured National co-founders, Margaret Roselle Hawkins, and her passion for creative expression helped in the establishment of The Arts facet in 1964 at the 14th National Assembly. The Links, Incorporated has a strong and rich history of support for the performing and visual arts. From the inception of the organization, The Links have found unique ways to express individual and collective interest in cultural enrichment in our communities. We have provided scholarships for talented individuals, sponsored quality programs for display of talent by promising, as well as established artists, and sponsored several programs for young artists.

The objective of this facet is to encourage appreciation of and support for cultural enrichment and the arts. The Links, Incorporated are at the forefront of organizational advocacy for the preservation of African American cultural heritage. Part of our local mission is to help empower artist to become an integral part of the global art community and to support these programs for youth. One of our points of pride is our “Doris R. Valdry Panorama of Talent” program.

At Grace Hopper STEM-STE”A”M Academy, the Arts Facet will feature a local painter and various self-expression arts projects into the program. The students will also attend a concert at the Disney Concert Hall and witness The LA Phil provide students the opportunity to connect to passionate musicians, world-class orchestra, and a concert hall that students have described as a silver tulip.

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