Shirlee Ellis Amos
Joyce Black**
Mattie Dobbs
Patricia Gibson
Jamesina E. Henderson
Alexis Camille Jackson
Rosina V. Jackson
Consuelo B. Marshall
LaDoris McClaney
Claudette Robinson
Margaret Patricia Rodgers
Jan Rooks
Erleen Scott
Mercedes H. Williams
Sonja L. Thompson
Myrlie E. Williams
Doris R. Valdry
Pamelia L. Wiltz
Frances Williams
Geraldine P. Woods
Gail E. Wyatt
Mignon M. Wyatt
** Chapter Organizer


In 1975, a distinctive group of professional women shared with each other their efforts, time, and energies in volunteer involvement. As individual small efforts became known to others, the seeds of their collective efforts were sown. Eventually, it was realized that more community service could be rendered if efforts were combined into a single volunteer service group. The result was the SEAVU Service Club, composed of the original service group plus other dedicated women from the community.
To be effective in a large suburban community, they decided to target work in sections of the community demonstrating the greatest need. The women represented a wide variety of professional backgrounds and involvements; thus, they were very successful in expanding and manifesting community services of all types and kinds to those in need.
On May 25, 1985, the Beverly Hills West Chapter became a new link in the historic chain of dedicated women to friendship and service in The Links, Incorporated.


Yvonne Adams, Claudia Alleyne, Addie Arbor, Margaret Batchelor White, Victoria Beeks, Jeanine Black, Stacey Bowers, Cecelia Brown, Adrienne Burrows, Qiana Bush, Stefan Chase, Karen Cole, Dana Coleman, Ruth Creary, Alexis Crump, Monet Daniels, Mary Davis, Jean Davis Hatcher, Evelyn Duckett, Carolyn Folks, Lisa Grant, Lisa Holly, Jasmine C. Houston, Evelyn Johnson, Zna Houston, Andrea Martin-Inokon, Marion Johnson, Lovene Knight, Glenda Lang Barbara Lake, Holly Lake, Marguerite Lathan, Nicole Lowrie, Lillian Maynard, LaDoris McClaney, Victoria Moran, Val Murphy, Senta Newell, Cynthia Oredugba, Deborah Prothrow-Stith, Sherril Rieux, Maryella Satinover, Jaunique Sealey, Salaam Smith, Shanta Sullivan, Beverly Sutherland, Sylvia Swilley, Virginia Valdry, Adell Walker, Susie Williams, April Woods



Adell Batchelor Walker
Sherril Rieux
VP Membership
Stacey Bowers
VP Programs
Jasmine C. Houston
Recording Secretary
Claudia Alleyne
Corresponding Secretary
Senta Newell
Maryella Satinover
Financial Secretary
Evelyn Duckett

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