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Past Presidents Council 

Established 2023 by President Zna Portlock Houston

La-Doris McClaney

La-Doris McClaney

8th President (2003-2007)

(Our Only Active Charter Member)

Remember, things are not important, it is the love that you have from heart to heart and breast to breast that is important. People tend to worship the wrong things. What matters is the love that you have for your family and others. (Excerpt from God, I Listened Too- Wisdom 4)

Monet Daniels_edited.jpg
Monet Daniels

Monet Daniels

9th President (2007-2011)


Working Together Our

Possibilities Are Unlimited!

Friendship is embracing another without judgement and accepting her into our Links chain of friendship so each link in the chai becomes stronger. As a new link is added to our chain, our opportunities for enrichment and growth become stronger. 

Service is Sharing our skills, talents and knowledge so that others may grow and experience a more enriched life. Each act of Service makes a difference. 

Karen Cole

Karen Cole

10th President (2011-2014)

WA Director

"Linked to Connect, Create, Collaborate"
Ruth Creary

Ruth Creary

Chair, Past Presidents Council

11th President (2014-2017)


"True friendship is one of life's greatest treasures, and service is so much more than just deeds. It is an attitude, an expression, a look, which helps to lift another person.  True Service, as we have learned to understand, in Linkdom, is done willingly, from the heart, for the good of another person(s) or program."

Adell Walker

Adell Walker

12th President (2017-2021)

Friendship is like a sweet juice that refreshes the soul   
Service is an act that is a privilege, honor and a blessing that touches lives and hearts; can bring joy and change lives for the better

Sherril Rieux

Sherril Rieux

Immediate Past President

13th President (2021-2023)

"Fulfilling Our Purpose" 2021-2023

Past Presidents attending the Hollywood Gala hosted by La-Doris McClaney

Natasha Joplin-Lightfoote_edited.jpg
Natasha Joplin-Lightfoote

Natasha Joplin-Lightfoote

(Former San Jose (CA) Chapter President)


To me Friendship is an accepting, trusting, devoted relationship and supportive bond between two people. You keep it real with me. There is nothing better than enriching the lives of others and myself through Service as with doing so with a friend.

Past President Council Members at the Green & White Gala!

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