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PACE NEWS: Panel Presentation Highlighted

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Panel Presentation Highlighted at Beverly Hills West (CA) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated Induction Ceremony Luncheon

L-R) Mitzi Miller, Vice President, Warner Bros. Television, Drama Development; Gloria Zuurveen, Founder/Editor, PACE NEWS; Zna Portlock-Houston, President, Beverly Hills West (CA) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated; Stacey Evans Morgan, Writer & Supervision Producer-Disney Show “Saturdays”; Cameron Shaw, Executive Director-California African American Museum and Kenya E. Williams, Actress and Mistress of Ceremonies. Photo courtesy Zna Portlock-Houston

All I can say is “Wow!”

It was an amazing event held at the fabulous Proud Bird restaurant in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 20. I was at the Beverly Hills West (BHW) (CA) Chapter of the Links, Incorporated ‘s Induction Ceremony Luncheon and Program where Zna Portlock Houston, President, looked refreshingly beautiful in her classy white palazzo linen two-piece pantsuit accented with white pointed-toe shoes as she gracefully welcomed all to the afternoon luncheon as they made their way to the Aviator room for the grand event to induct new members into the Beverly Hills West (CA) Chapter.

The day was perfect for an outstanding and profound group of women of renown to be elevated along side such a distinguished list of dignitaries and distinguished active members of BHW Chapter to name a few they are La-Doris McClaney, Adell Batchelor Walker, Val Murphy, Ruth Creary and Karen Cole.

Houston, recently elected to the post in April, has hit the ground running with creative ideas like the “Art of the Story” panel discussion of which I participated and found it to be transforming as I shared the importance of print media today as it was almost 30 years ago when PACE NEWS started. Mitzi Miller, Vice President, Warner Bros. Television, Drama Development, served as moderator and she asked some thought-provoking questions for which myself, Stacey Evans Morgan, Writer & Supervising Producer-Disney Show “Saturdays” and Cameron Shaw, Executive Director-California African American Museum (CAAM), answered. Morgan said throughout her career, her mother has been her most inspiration and motivator. I said it was my husband, Johannes Zuurveen, because for 38 long years of marriage, he was the one who inspired and motivated me as he was my rock of love and encouragement. Shaw gave credit to all of the women in her life from her mother, grandmother and aunts who inspires her as she leads CAAM. The affair was a time to remember, especially since Kenya E. Williams, actress and Mistress of Ceremonies, announced two special guests were in the room.

(L-R) Malick Manga, son of Ebou Manga who led Alex Haley to his roots in The Gambia, Zna Portlock-Houston, President, BHW, and Bill Haley, grandson of Alex Haley. Photo courtesy Zna Portlock-Houston

They were Bill Haley, the grandson of novelist Alex Haley and Malick Manga, son of Ebou Manga who led Alex Haley to his roots in The Gambia. Applauds were plenteous as the crowd were ecstatic at their presence. Jasmine C. Houston, Beverly Hills West (BHW) Communications Chair and Press Secretary and daughter of Zna, introduced Eiress Wicks, a BHW Former Scholar, who gave a musical performance as her way of giving back because the BHW had been so supportive of her as she pursued her college career in music. After lunch was served it was time for the new members to present their New Members Service Project. Qiana Bush, Vice President, introduced New Members: Bonnie Boswell Hamilton, executive producer of Bonnie Boswell Presents: “Saving Moms”, a feature-length documentary on maternal health in America that premiered on KCET in March; Tina Renee Choyce, Ed. D. has been a dedicated educator for 33 years and is currently an LAUSD Principal at Caroldale TK-Gr. 8 SPAN School in Carson, CA; Raven Lyn Davis is a Performance Marketing Director, currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

She is the Founder & Chief Digital Officer of RLD Digital; Nicole Janné Jones is a savvy multisector connector and public affairs professional with experience in communication community relation, public policy, governance, and service at the local, state, and national levels and Sharoni Denise Little, Ph. D., Ed.D. is CEO of the Strategist Company, LLC, a global boutique advisory company, and she represents numerous entities across myriad industries. Marion Susanne Johnson, M.D. a graduate of Stanford University and UCSF Medical School recently received BHW Alumna Status was also among this illustrious group of progressive women. Johnson has provided health care services in the Los Angeles area for over 35 years, having served as the District Health Officer for Central Health District as well as the Health Officer for the City of Long Beach. In closing, Houston introduced all officers under her leadership. They are: Qiana Bush, Vice President; Nicole Husband, Chapter Program Chair; Sherri Jefferson, Recording Secretary; Kathryn Shirley, Corresponding Secretary; Kimberly Freeman, Financial Secretary; Claudia Alleyn, Treasurer; Victoria Moran, Chaplain; Lovene Knight, Parliamentarian and Marchelle Broussard, Historian. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed myself at the Beverly Hills West (CA) Chapter of the Links, Incorporated on Saturday, May 20, 2023. Oh, I almost forgot to give a thumbs up for the delicious menu which included a choice of Chicken or Salmon, potatoes and broccoli, dessert, tea and coffee as well as an open bar. I chose the Salmon and it was great!

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